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La Perouse Anchor

Overview The La Perouse anchor is an extremely rare object dating back to the earliest days of European settlement of Australia, namely the visit by two ships of the La Perouse expedition to Botany Bay in February of 1788. After a six week stay, replenishing supplies and recouping before another long journey, Admiral Lapérouse and…

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The Discovery of an Old Master Panel Painting Masquerading as a 19th Century Copy

 Overview ICS won the 2022 NSW National Trust “Conservation – Interiors and Objects” Award for the restoration of this 17th Century still life. The discovery of the true artist and date of the piece made headlines around the world. The still life painting originally belonged to the National Trust’s Woodford Academy collection. Its provenance was…

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Old Parliament House fire-damaged doors

Almost a century old, the solid jarrah doors welcoming visitors into Canberra's Old Parliament House are an integral part of not only the building but national heritage, bearing witness to evolving eras of politics and being the physical backdrop of iconic moments in Australian history. Designed in 1924 by Commonwealth Chief Architect John Smith Murdoch,…

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Mosman’s Bay, Tom Roberts

Overview Mosman’s Bay is an oil on canvas painted by Australian impressionist Tom Roberts (1856-1931) in 1894. Tom Roberts was an influential landscape painter and leading proponent of en plein air painting. His work portrayed everyday scenes of the bush and rural labour. ICS was tasked by NERAM to return Mosman’s Bay to an excellent…

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Sydney Opera House Coburn Curtains

Overview A spectacular component of the opening of the Sydney Opera House in October 1973 was the specially commissioned opera theatre and drama theatre curtains. Titled respectively The Curtain of the Sun and The Curtain of the Moon these giant 16 metre tapestries were designed by John Coburn (1925-2006) and woven at the Pinton Freres…

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Hall of Memory, Australian War Memorial

The walls and dome of the Hall of Memory, at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra, are lined with one of the largest mosaics in the world. Designed by artist Napier Waller (who also designed the fifteen stained glass windows in the Hall), it was unveiled in 1959. The mosaic inside the dome depicts the…

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War & Peace

The offerings of war, the offerings of peace The fine bronze equestrian figures known as ‘Offerings of War’ and ‘Offerings of Peace’ that front the Art Gallery of NSW were designed by Gilbert Bayes in the 1920s. Treatment ICS were commissioned to undertake a complete conservation of the bronzes including stabilising minor areas of corrosion…

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La Perouse Anchor Iconic
The Discovery of an Old Master Panel Painting Masquerading as a 19th Century Copy Award winning
Old Parliament House fire-damaged doors Built heritage
Mosman’s Bay, Tom Roberts Iconic
Sydney Opera House Coburn Curtains Iconic
Hall of Memory, Australian War Memorial Architectural conservation
War & Peace Iconic

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Archibald Fountain

Originally unveiled in 1932 – just five days before the opening of the Harbour Bridge – the Archibald Fountain is..


Building Facade, New Life, Bondi

Overview Parkview Constructions engaged ICS to undertake conservation treatment of two pairs of concrete busts and statues on the historic..


Chancellor’s Chair, Macquarie University

Overview Towards the end of his governorship in New South Wales (1810 – 1821), Lachlan Macquarie commissioned two convict artisans..


Christ Church, Bong Bong

Overview The Anglican church of Christ Church Bong Bong in the NSW Southern Highlands was built in 1845 on the..


40,000 Horsemen Poster

Overview The classic Australian film Forty Thousand Horsemen was one of the most popular films of its day. Released in..


Birdwood Flag

AWARD WINNING Overview Named in honour of General William Riddell Birdwood (1865-1951) – the commander of the Australian forces on..


Central Station Melocco Room

A fire at Sydney’s Central Station was the impetus for the restoration and conservation of this marvellous mid-century Melocco Brothers..


Children's Chapel - St James Anglican Church

Overview The Turramurra Wall Painters group was founded in the 1920s by Ethel Anderson (1883-1958) and included, amongst other important..


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