Conservation Partner

ICS is the New England Regional Art Museum (NERAM) Conservation Partner.  NERAM, opened in 1983 and located in Armidale in the New England North West region of NSW, is home to one of the nation’s most significant art collections outside the capital cities.  It holds a collection of over 5000 works of historical, modern and contemporary art offering a comprehensive overview of Australian art history.  The collection includes significant works by Australian and international artists such as Streeton, Roberts, Gruner, Preston, Whiteley, Gleeson, Tuckson and Christo, to name just a few.

ICS is proud conservation partner for this vibrant regional art museum.  We provide conservation treatments and actively support the Adopt-an-Artwork program that assists in the preservation of the collection.  Check out the Adopt-an-Artwork Blog recorded by ICS Conservators to document the conservation of artworks sponsored by passionate locals and the Commonwealth Government.

Preferred Provider

ICS is the Preferred Conservation Provider to the White Rabbit Collection, which includes more than 2,000 21st century works by almost 700 artists. The White Rabbit Gallery, opened by owner Judith Neilson in 2009, showcases what has become one of the world’s most significant collections of Chinese contemporary art.

Our expert conservators have worked on a huge range of artworks and objects in this important contemporary collection.  We provide hands on conservation, collection care and advice, and condition assessments for both local and travelling exhibitions, including the recent Fairy Tale in Red Times exhibition shown at the National Gallery of Victoria.

Conservation Partner

ICS is the Conservation Partner of Artbank. Founded by the Federal Government in 1980, Artbank has been at the forefront of the Australian contemporary art sector and is the most successful program of its type in the world.  Artbank’s core objectives are to provide direct support to Australian contemporary artists through the acquisition of their work and its promotion to the broader public.

ICS is delighted to work in partnership with Artbank to support the Australian art sector. As a leader in the conservation of contemporary art in Australia, ICS supports Artbank by providing advice on collection care and the conservation of artworks for both exhibition and the public leasing program.

Official Conservator

Since 1995, ICS has been the Official Conservator of the National Trust of Australia (NSW). Our partnership reflects a longstanding and highly valued relationship, based on the shared, practical vision of fostering a community which understands, values and enjoys its heritage. We are proud to work with Australia’s leading conservation organisation whose mission started with the conservation of historic Sydney architecture, and grew to include natural, Indigenous and cultural heritage in every state and territory.

National Trust (NSW) manages over 30 heritage properties, 22 of which are made available to the public and receive over 150,000 visitors on an annual basis. ICS works across various areas of the Trust’s collections, assisting with exhibition preparations, collection care, and conservation of paintings, furniture, works on paper, textiles and objects.

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