Frequently Asked Questions

1.How much does treatment cost?

The cost for conservation treatment is based on an hourly rate + GST. It is unusual for a treatment to cost anything less than $600-900 + GST, depending on the item and the level of damage. To accept a treatment proposal, we require a 30% initial payment.

2.How much does an estimate cost?

Nothing! Our estimates are free of charge and obligation free. Note: There are some instances where we DO charge a fee prior to providing an estimate for your work: for site visits, mould affected items, and for quoting larger collections/projects. Let us know about your needs, and we can advise on the likely cost.

3.Can I receive an estimate from photographs?

We can provide a rough guide to the potential cost when you send us detailed photographs. However, as every item is different, and treatments depend on the materials, and type and extent of damage or deterioration, we do need to see the piece physically to provide you with an accurate estimate for treatment.

4.Do I need to make an appointment?

Appointments are essential only during Covid lockdown periods, otherwise you may register your item at ICS reception anytime. If you would like an initial consultation with a conservator, please book an appointment ahead of time. We can also arrange video-conferencing for real time viewing of your object or artwork in the home or workplace. Initial consultations generally last ten minutes and are useful if you have any specific questions or concerns you would like to discuss. If the appropriate conservator is not available, we will note any requests or concerns and have the conservator contact you at a later date.

5.My item cannot be moved, do you undertake site visits?

Our conservators do undertake site visits when necessary. We can also arrange video-conferencing for real time viewing of your object or artwork in the home or workplace. For Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne metro areas we charge a site visit fee of one hour + GST, and for locations outside of the metro area we charge one hour + GST + travel time (at a reduced travel rate).

6.I need help transporting my item, can you help?

Yes. For the safety of the item, our clients and our staff, we can recommend a professional art carrier to transport your item to our labs. If assistance is required, we are happy to arrange this transport on your behalf.

7.How long before I receive an estimate for my work?

We are generally able to provide your estimate within two weeks. During this time, our conservators assess your item, assess the time and materials required for treatment, and undertake various tests.

8.How long will conservation treatment take?

Once an item is in our possession, it is placed on our schedule. Current lead times are 1-3 months depending on the project and conservator availability.

9.What is your policy on mould?

It is ICS policy to undertake mould remediation triage on a mould-affected object within 48 hours of delivery to our building. This allows us to safely handle the item to enable assessment for further treatment. Mould triage is provided at cost, and usually takes approximately 1-3 hours at our standard hourly rate. If you wish to bring a mould-affected item in to ICS, please to make an appointment in advance to speak with a conservator. Most importantly, please wrap the piece in transparent plastic prior to bringing it in to ICS. This is to contain the mould and allow us to provide you with an initial assessment by looking through the plastic.

10.What is the value of my item?

ICS does not offer appraisal or valuation services. However, we are happy to coordinate both on your behalf. This will incur a service fee at our standard hourly rate. We recommend you only solicit appraisals and valuations from someone who is certified. The Australian Government website has a comprehensive list of certified valuers approved for the Cultural Gifts Program. However, please contact us if you require assistance.

11.Do you provide artwork framing?

We work closely with framers who specialise in conservation framing, and we're happy to refer you to them. Alternatively we can coordinate framing on your behalf. We also offer a reframing service if you wish to reuse an existing frame after the work has been treated. Framing coordination and reframing work will incur a service fee at our standard hourly rate.

12.How should I store my item?

We can assist in formulating a healthy storage plan for your item. This includes referring or coordinating specialised art transport, art storage, and various storage fabrication services for your own home. This will incur a service fee at our standard hourly rate. We can also provide advice in how to safely store and handle your item.

13.Can you help with displaying my item?

Yes. ICS can fabricate or coordinate the display of various items, whether it be for an exhibition or your own home. This will incur a service fee at our standard hourly rate.

14.Do you provide quotes for insurance claims?

Yes. We are happy to liaise with insurance companies with client approval.

15.Is my item insured under your care?

Yes. Our item registration receipt includes an insurance value section, which we will ask you to complete. This help us to ensure that ICS carries the appropriate insurance value at all times to cover all items in our care.