One stop shop / multidisciplinary

The breadth of our skill set is unparalleled in Australia, ensuring we can conserve a very wide range of mediums, all under the one roof.

Full insurance

To ensure peace of mind for our clients and owners, we carry comprehensive insurance to cover all items in our care (including those being transported by us).

Able to mobilise quickly

Your need for our services can’t always be planned ahead. Emergencies and disasters almost always require a quick response. The size of our operation, combined with our geographical spread and professional connections, means we can quickly mobilise staff to work with you to minimise damage.

Project management of large jobs

Efficient and effective project management is key to the excellence of ICS services. We collaborate with our clients to tailor expert technical solutions and deliver large and/or complex jobs on time, on Budget.

30 years’ experience

ICS was founded in 1986, and we have been conserving Australian heritage for over 30 years. Our longevity enables us to bring great depth of experience and understanding to conservation and collections management problem-solving in a very wide range of environments and contexts.

Guided by AICCM ethics

All our work is underpinned by adherence to and guidance by the AICCM (Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material) Code of Ethics and Practice 

Specialist Services

Technology solutions for collections
One Stop Shop Multi-disciplinary
Mould remediation of collections
Public art maintenance surveys
Public art conservation
Archaeology conservation

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