Working with mould-affected objects

DATE:05TH OCT 2019

Mould affected items can be unsafe to work with.  Loose mould spores can become air-borne, leading to inhalation as well as cross-contamination with other objects.  We ensure our conservators work safely with mould-affected objects by using the process outlined below.

Bringing mould-affected items to ICS 

  1. Make sure your item is wrapped in plastic before delivery to ICS.  If your item is very large, please contact us for advice before you come.
  2. When you bring the mould-affected item to ICS for an assessment, we will firstly ask you to approve an upfront payment for mould remediation treatment.
  3. After mould remediation is complete and your object or artwork is safe to handle, we will provide you an estimate for further conservation treatment, eg. stain reduction, stabilisation, repairs.

Working safely

  • Mould remediation removes the worst of the mould so the item can be safely handled and assessed.  
  • Wearing gloves and respirators, and using specialist equipment, our conservators remove as much loose mould as possible from the surface of the object/artwork.

Important facts

  • Mould often causes staining and associated deterioration.  
  • Mould remediation on its own does not address staining and deterioration, so further conservation treatment may be required.
  • If your goal is to simply have the surface cleaned, you may choose to have no further treatment.
  • Mould growth may reoccur if the item is housed in or returned to conditions that promote mould growth, ie. high humidity, fluctuating environmental conditions.

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