Master of Cultural Materials Conservation (Hons 1), University of Melbourne; Bachelor of Dramatic Art, National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA).

Kristina developed a love of art, heritage and conservation from an early age while growing up in Tuebingen, Germany. Her conservation practice commenced with a traineeship with Ernst Lorch, Germany in 2001 – where she specialised in objects and painted works – before moving to Australia in 2004 and augmenting her conservation experience with prop-making for film and theatre, where she helped develop over 30 successful productions.

Kristina joined ICS in 2021 as a conservator and technician for objects and outdoor heritage and was previously a lecturer and workshop coordinator at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) where she taught an undergraduate cohort in prop-making and theatrical production. Owing to her broad, objects-based, background, Kristina is highly skilled in the construction, restoration and conservation of wooden objects, sculpture, polychrome and plastic objects. She has also constructed objects for film and theatre – from animatronic creatures to chandeliers to edible flowers.

Notable aspects of Kristina’s conservation experience in Germany include having been entrusted with the treatment of significant items of national interest including:

  • a renaissance altar by Joerg Zuern in Ueberlinger Muenster, Germany;
  • the complete restoration of a nave in Leutkirch church, Germany;
  • various work within Meersburg Church, Germany including the restoration of a 19th century altar by Metzger;
  • restoration of the Blue Parlour and bedrooms of the King and Queen at the Castle of Hohenzollern, Germany.

While in Australia, Kristina has been tasked with the restoration of a 19th century plaster anatomical bust for the University of Melbourne, various stringed instruments including guitars by Fleta and Bernabe.

Kristina is also an accomplished wood sculptor and painter, having taken private commissions from a variety of firms, productions and people including Anne Geddes, NIDA, Creature NFX and Odd Studios.

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