Julian joined ICS as Conservation Technician in September 2019. He graduated from Macquarie University in 2019 with a Bachelor degree in Ancient History, specialising in Roman history.

He has previous experience in archaeological excavation of Roman ruins in Spain, and worked as a volunteer for the Museum of Ancient Cultures, Sydney. In that role his responsibilities included examining, storing, and digitally cataloguing ancient artefacts from the Mediterranean and Near East, such as Egyptian pottery, Egyptian amulets, Greek and Roman coins, and researching Roman shipwreck artefacts.

Julian draws on his background in history and archaeology, museum and artefact work, construction, and purchasing to support to the Objects and Outdoor Heritage team in a wide range of projects. His duties include lab and equipment maintenance, researching specialist materials, managing transportation on incoming and outgoing items, supporting WHS practices, increasing workplace efficiency, and providing hands on assistance to conservators.

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