The 2000s saw ICS working with the New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust on the conservation of the huts of the early explorers in the Antarctic.  This has been our single largest, most complex and longest lasting ICS project to date, involving conservation planning, implementation, designing an on-site conservation lab, employing conservators to work in Antarctica and, for a number of senior staff, site visits to Antarctica. It was described by Sir Neil Cossens, the Chairman of English Heritage, as "the world's most exciting conservation project". The early 2000s saw further ICS expansion to meet the needs emerging from an increasing community awareness about the value of our cultural heritage.   In 2004 ICS opened its Canberra office to provide art security and collection technology systems, along with museum planning, conservation and collections management in the ACT.   Our most recent expansion was the establishment of our Melbourne lab in 2018, with its strong initial focus on archaeological and objects conservation. We are planning for our next 30 years of providing conservation services to Australia and beyond.  Julian is busily working with and mentoring the next generation of conservation professionals and representing Australia on international committees and organisations.  ICS is actively engaged in securing the future of Australia‚Äôs cultural heritage.

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