In 1989 Julian and five senior staff undertook a management buy-out from the Campbell Group to become Campbell Conservation.  Then, in 1991, Campbell Conservation merged with the smaller conservation practice of Corrigans, an art freight forwarding company established by Neil Wilson.

Thus International Conservation Services was born.

Throughout the 1990s ICS consolidated and prospered, undertaking a number of high profile projects in NSW, ACT and Victoria.  For five years in the late 1990s ICS maintained a Brisbane lab with a focus on paintings and paper conservation.

From its original base of furniture, paper, textiles and paintings conservation, ICS expanded into objects, built heritage and outdoor cultural material.  We also grew to provide consulting services in the areas of preventive conservation, collections management, exhibition management and architectural and archaeological conservation.

In 2004 David West joined ICS, subsequently becoming a major shareholder. David brought with him significant experience and expertise in the conservation of built heritage which greatly expanded the company’s services in this area.

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